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The Making of Samurai Shodown

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Adachi came up with the idea, but the inspiration for the Ikari gauge came when the dev team was all playing Street Fighter 2 together for research purposes. Adachi and I were playing against each other and I frustrated him because I won. Adachi was so mad because he lost that he was silent for a minute. Then, he suddenly got up and shouted “Ikari gauge!” So we took that frustration, that anger and rage that players feel when they lose a battle, and decided to incorporate it into the game. That was where the inspiration for the Ikari gauge came from.

Da müssen erstmal Jahrzehnte vergehen, bis man endlich einen tollen Einblick hinter die Kulissen der Entwickler bei SNK in Form dieses Interviews bei Polygon bekommt: The Making of Samurai Shodown.